It is the view of many persons that a Universal Ideal Diet does not exist and hence dieting is a personal affair and each person must find what best suits him or her.  The Sabbatical Diet shatters this misconception and has not only proved its worth 4000 years ago but is effective and universal in its results today and always. Here are five reasons why The Sabbatical Diet is the universal ideal diet. 

Simple - The instructions in The Sabbatical Diet are very simple and can be easily communicated to everyone, both young and old. This diet does not require reading food labels or using a calorie counter. 

Affordable - The foods recommended by The Sabbatical Diet are the foods that are available to you and should be prepared in accordance with your preferences. There is no need to acquire special recipes or imported ingredients to make a healthy choice.

Non-Restrictive - No food is restricted by The Sabbatical Diet therefore it allows you to find pleasure in eating your favorite foods. Most diets fail because of the restrictions they impose on the quantity or the selection of foods to be consumed. 

These restrictions create a tension in our bodies over time, which eventually cause us to surrender our discipline and indulge our desires, thus derailing the diet program. The Sabbatical Diet allows for proper nutrition with the added bonus of enjoyment of food which enhances our fellowship with friends and helps us during times of psychological difficulty.

Scientifically Sound - The Sabbatical Diet involves consuming food to harmonize with the rhythms of the body. This ensures a proper construction of the body musculature in an appropriate ratio with its fat storage to optimize health. The diet slows the aging process and prevents the accumulation of harmful oxidants. 

The Divine Wish -The Sabbatical Diet is the Divine prescription (Exodus 16) for the care of our bodies. With God's endorsement, the diet is guaranteed to maximize your health and physical well being. It is His wish that His creatures enjoy His creation. 

Food consumption, like all other areas in life is governed by absolute principles given by God. If these principles are adhered to we will receive the freedom and enjoyment we desire. So, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33

This is the Ideal Diet

Rest and Fast (Weekly)

Rest and Fast (Weekly)

Heavy Breakfast

Heavy Breakfast

Exercises and Weight Loss

Exercises and Weight Loss

Preventing Disease

Preventing Disease

Taking care of your health

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