Case Study 1 (Obesity)


A 49 year old, 225 lbs., 5ft. 8in male traveling salesman had a 20 year history of failure to maintain weight loss after attempting a low fat diet, a vegetarian diet and a diet with Slim Fast products. He started The Sabbatical Diet in January 2005 and lost 34 lbs by June 2005. His exercise program consists of jogging 1 hour per week. 

He regularly consumes a heavy evening meal with alcoholic beverages in addition to his heavy morning meals. He fasts on Sundays until 12 noon. He as continued on the diet and in 2008 he now weighs 198lbs and has developed a more muscular body.


Case Study 2 (Diabetes Mellitus)

A 70 years old, 256 lbs, 5ft. 2in. housewife who is a known diabetic for the past 25 years and treated with a total of 60 units of Insulin daily. After 18 months on The Sabbatical Diet, Insulin therapy was discontinued in 2005 and she was placed on oral medications and weighed 208 lbs. 

She is not involved in any significant physical activity. She has continued on the diet and in 2008 she is no longer on diabetic treatment and now weighs 158 lbs. 



Case Study 3 (Dyslipidemia or High Cholesterol)

A 64 years old, 151 lbs. housewife with a longstanding history of diabetes and lipid disorder, with unsatisfactory response to lipid lowering drugs. Lipid drugs were discontinued due to muscular side effects of drugs. After 1 year on The Sabbatical Diet diabetic drugs were discontinued. 

Below are lipid reports before and while on The Sabbatical Diet showing normalization of her cholesterol.

Case Studies